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- RED -

✦  Chambourcin

Dry, ruby colored wine with a full flavor and aroma. This 2011 Chambourcin was fermented in stainless steel and aged with oak spirals. This wine pairs well with Maytag Blue Cheese or Stilton Blue Cheese.  Regardless of which blue cheese you use, let the cheese melt into a steak or burger while grilling and enjoy with a salad and baked potato.  A bottle of this wine makes your meal divine. The Chambourcin grape is a hybrid that was introduced in 1963 by Joannes Seyve and that has gained acceptance, particularly in France’s Lorie region.


✦   Proprietor’s Select Red

This off-dry wine is a blend of red vinifera grapes, including cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc and merlot.  A good red wine for those moving from sweet wine to dryer reds. Good with meat based dishes.

✦   Harvest Red

Back by popular demand, this semi-sweet red wine is made from American Concord grapes. It has nice aromas and fruity taste.


✦  First Frost

This is an off-dry white wine blend of 50% Seyval Blanc and 50% Vidal Blanc . It is a crisp wine aged in stainless steel tanks.  Pairs well with mild cheeses, fresh fruit, and chocolate.  


✦  Chardonnay

This 2008 white wine from vitis vinifera grapes was vented in stainless steel tanks with medium toast oak spirals and with no malatic fermentation to ruin the crispness. The result is an off-dry wine with hints of pear and melon.  It has a long mouth feel and light body.  It pairs well with pan-fried salmon and roast chicken.


✦  Traminette

Traminette offers flowery and sometimes spicy characteristics, resembling Gerwurztraminer wines. It is a hybrid grape variety developed by Cornell University.


✦  Seyval Blanc

Seyval Blanc is a dry, French American hybrid. It is crisp and clean with a hint of grapefruit, fun with chocolate, and perfect with fowl and seafood.


✦  Noble Ridge

Noble Ridge is a semi-sweet wine made from French America hybrid Vidal Blanc grapes. It has a light citrus fruit character. Serve it with  hors d’oeuvres, fruit and cheeses, and seafood. Noble Ridge is a Gold metal winner.


✦ Country Lane

Grandfather’s old time wine returns to our wine mix.  This wine is a favorite with those who like a fruity and grapey flavor.  Made from Niagara grapes.

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